Woochie Nosferatu Foam Latex Prosthetic

Woochie Nosferatu Foam Latex Prosthetic

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Woochie Nosferatu Foam Latex Prosthetic

Bring the tools of Hollywood special effects makeup artists home with you this Halloween !

This woochie Nosferatu vampire foam prosthetic comes unpainted , meaning it is fully customisable to your desired look

This Nosferatu Vampire inspired foam latex prosthetic face mask is very soft and allows your skin to breathe. Mouth openings in the woochie Nosferatu foam prosthetic allow you to eat and drink so you never have to come out of character

All woochie foam latex prosthetic appliances glue on using spirit gum or your chosen adhesive

You can now look like you have just walked off a Hollywood movie set with this handmade professionally designed woochie Nosferatu Vampire foam prosthetic mask


1 x woochie Nosferatu half face foam prosthetic unpainted

Suitable for adult use only

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