Clink St FX Blood

Clink St FX Blood

Clink St FX offer a range of hyper realistic bloods for stage , screen and theatrical performances and iinclude drying , non drying , clotted and scab bloods.

The Clink St FX range of stage bloods carry an intense degree of colour and opacity and can be used directly on the skin or on prosthetics

The Clink St Fx range of non drying bloods are super smooth and  ultra glossy and have a true visceral feel and their unique formula ensures a non-bead effect , long slow drip , and great splatter and smear consistancy.

The bloods are non staining , safe to be used in the mouth can be washed off the skin with warm soapy water and wash out of most fabrics in a 40 degree wash

Products are made right here in the UK

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