Water Make Up 15ml Bright Green 407

Water Make Up 15ml Bright Green 407

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Water Make Up 15ml Bright Green 407

Grimas water make up (pure) is an un perfumed,gluten free water-based make-up.It is intended for face-painting and body painting.

Water make up(pure) works basically the same way as water colour paints.Use a brush or a make-up sponge(for larger areas of skin) and a little water to make the surface of the colour soft and pasty.Do not use it when too dry,but do not use too much water.

The pearl shades such as silver and gold are slightly more grainy in texture and need slightly more water.

Water make -up (pure) dries within 15 seconds.If you do not want the colours to mix,be sure to wait for the first layer to dry before continuing.

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