Mr Kremlinmas Foam Latex Mask

Mr Kremlinmas Foam Latex Mask

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Mr Kremlinmas Foam Latex Mask

Greyland Film® latex mask no. 888 Mr Kremlinmas® covers the full head.

Masks with an a typical skull design might require an individually applied soft foam padding in the nape area in case you wish to transfer some of your facial expressions onto the mask.

Due to its quality, hand sculpted design and airbrush techniques with its subtle shading, you get a realistic rubber face that imitates skin to the smallest detail. Wearing Greyland masks is very comfortable compared to other masks made from other materials. Fast and exquisite effects of quality disguise perfectly change your face.

You won't be disappointed with the attractive design of your second face. Show your acting creativity also by adding various accessories such as glasses, wigs, moustaches, hats or a whole costume.

You can talk and drink through a straw when wearing the mask. This mask is not suitable for persons with latex or rubber allergy. Each reproduction of the mask is an original, due to being partially produced by hand.

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