Moonstruck Effects Korrigan Vampire ProFX Fangs

Moonstruck Effects Korrigan Vampire ProFX Fangs

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Moonstruck Effects Korrigan Vampire ProFX Teeth

Professional TV And Film Quality Teeth

Korrigan vampire proFX teeth are veneer style fangs that only cover the front of your own teeth.This provides great comfort and makes it still able to speak and drink while wearing these proFX teeth

As all proFX products are handmade , it is possible the proFX may be slightly diifferent from one another or be a slight variation from the product image.These differences only add to the uniqueness of the proFX teeth and make every set one of a kind , just like in the case of a real pair of teeth

The up most attention to detail and care has gone into making these teeth the best on the market for fancy dress , theatrical stage shows , TV and film , cosplay and live action role play actors

The Korrigan vampire proFX teeth fit using the fitting beads included.The fitting beads are softened in water.After softening they can be modelled and attached to the back of the proFX teeth.Now the teeth can be placed inside your mouth to take the impression

By pushing the Korrigan vampire proFX teeth against your own teeth you make the impression into the fitting beads that late can be used to "snap on " your Korrigan vampire veneers.This makes the Korrigan vampire proFX teeth completely custom to you and your mouth


1 x pair of upper and lower Korrigan vampire proFX teeth

1 x pack of fitting beads

1 x full application instruction sheet

Suitable for adult use only

Please watch the how to apply video below before attempting to fit your proFX teeth

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