Halloween II Michael Myers Hospital Mask

Halloween II Michael Myers Hospital Mask

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Halloween II Michael Myers Hospital Mask

Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Official Michael Myers Halloween 2 Hospital Mask! "Halloween II" was originally written to take place in a high rise apartment building but the setting was later changed to Haddonfield Hospital. Following on from the plot of Halloween, the seemingly indestructible Michael Myers follows his intended victim Laurie Strode to Haddonfield hospital. While Sam Loomis is still in pursuit of his patient. A bloodbath ensues…

This mask is based on the famous back-lot picture of Dick Warlock wearing the Halloween II mask right before they shot the final Hospital scenes.

The Official Halloween II Hospital Mask was sculpted by Trick or Treat Studios Art Director, Justin Mabry, the king of Halloween Franchise Movie Masks.

So order your Official Halloween II Hospital Mask, get yourself an Official Halloween II Scalpel and give your friends the ultimate scare this Halloween!

Standard adult size fits most

Suitable for adults 14+ only


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