Arab Goatee Beard Black

Arab Goatee Beard Black

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Arab Goatee Beard Black 

Our Arab Goatee Beard Black is a must-have for those arriving as Jafar from Aladdin or an Arabian Prince!

This fake facial hair is a long and thick Arabic-style goatee beard that can be combed and gather at the end into a point

It’s made from synthetic fibre and is self-adhesive, so no spirit gum is required, and is secure, long-lasting, and comfortable. However if you want a more secure fit , beard can be attached with theatrical glue

The fake beard is popular for around the world, religious, storybook characters, and movie costumes.

Order now so you can finally stroke the chin beard you've been longing to grow!

The Arab goatee beard comes in 3 colours and is self adhesive.

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