Skeleton Bones Plastic Cutlery

Skeleton Bones Plastic Cutlery

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Skeleton Bones Plastic Cutlery

Skeleton bones plastic cutlery made by Boneware is not like any other plastic cutlery.

The knife is strong enough to cut a steak without breaking !

It's reusable , safe , free from harmful chemicals , Eco friendly and also recyclable , should you need to dispose of it and also can go straight in a dishwasher (on a low setting)

Each piece of skeleton bones plastic cutlery has been made with love and personally packed by the creator Ralph and his wife 

Each pack of skeleton bones plastic cutlery contains 18 pieces in total ,  6 each of forks , knives and spoons

Each skeleton bone knife , fork and spoon is also anatomical correct to a human bone so your kids can learn while they're waiting for their dinner....

You will never have to buy Halloween plastic cutlery ever again !

So when planning your next Halloween , pirate or zombie celebration choose skeleton bones plastic cutlery as your number 1 reusable , Eco friendly party tableware

Suitable for adult and kids use

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