Ice Walker Daily Eye Accessories

Ice Walker Daily Eye Accessories

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Ice Walker Daily Eye Accessories

Add these icy blue ice walker daily eye accessoriesto any Game Of Thrones White Walker costume to complete your fancy dress Halloween costume look

Wear these eye accessories just for a change to add a splash of colour to your normal look...

You are advised to read the following statements before purchase.

You are buying the daily lenses only.If you have not used them before read the instruction booklet provided first.


I do not suffer from any of the following
Any eye infections (e.g Conjunctivitis)
Any corneal condition ( e.g Keratitis)
Any allergic eye conditions (e.g Hay Fever)
Any Chronic eye conditions (e.g Glaucoma)
I intend to use Funky Vision colour Eye accessories for cosmetic colour change purposes only and not to correct any defect of sight or refractive error.
I have received clear instructions and guidance for the safe wearing,removal and care of my new colour eye accessories (a leaflet will be provided and sent on purchase).
I have been advised to immediately remove my colour eye accessories if I experience any undue irritation,discomfort,excess watering or redness of the eye.
I have received details of the Funky Vision helpline.
I understand the need for regular periodic check ups with an eye care practitioner.
I am over the age of 16.
I understand and acknowledge that Funky Vision,colour eye accessories are not classified as medical devices and are governed by the EU cosmetics directive;however,in the clinical opinion of the company's qualified ophthalmologist,they are only considered suitable.
For those with normal healthy eyes,who can confirm ALL 7 statements above to be true and accurate.
If you are in any doubt what so ever as to whether Funky Vision colour eye accessories are suitable for you please consult your own medical or eye care practitioner.

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