Face Cheetah temporary tattoo Tinsley transfers FC-500

Face Cheetah temporary tattoo Tinsley transfers FC-500

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Cheetah animal full facial fx tattoo

If you need to have a realistic looking tattoo in fact even a gory disfigurement then look no further than the Fx facial range of Tinsley tattoos

The full facial fx range allow you to apply film quality tattoos without the need of adhesives and make up.The perfect solution for adults who like to make a statement with no worries of being tattooed for life !!

If you want the next step up on the tattoo quality level then have a look at the 3D range of Tinsley professional prosthetic tattoos.

These tattoos are the perfect solution to wearing a full mask all night or going to an animal themed festival.

Also available as a tribal zebra or skull design

Tattoo size 9 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Not suitable for children


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