Salvador Dali Money Heist Mask

Salvador Dali Money Heist Mask

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 Salvador Dali Money Heist Mask

Salvador Dali mask from the Spanish thriller Money Heist, which is known in Germany under the title "House of Money". In this extremely exciting thriller, armed bank robbers mask themselves with the Salvador Dali mask and red suits and attack the Spanish Federal Printing Office to print money. Under the guidance of the "professor" the attack of the criminals masked with the Salvador Dali mask seems to have been thought through to the end. Behind the accomplices hidden with the Salvador Dali masks, unfortunately interpersonal problems arise very quickly, which endanger the ingenious plan of the professor.

Original Salvador Dali Mask to be recognized as a fan of the Spanish series "La Casa de Papel" in English "Money Heist". Mask yourself with the mask of the famous painter as a gang member of the curious gang of bank robbers and play with it like with the V-Vendetta mask a rebel you want to keep your fingers crossed.

Suitable  for adults and children 15+

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